Dedicated to creating a superior live entertainment experience in a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment.

Why Play at xBk?

xBk is located at 1159 24th Street in the Dogtown/Drake neighborhood of Des Moines. xBk is a 250 cap entertainment venue/listening room dedicated to creating superior live entertainment experiences in a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment.  We strive to present adventurous and engaging work of various genres and disciplines. 

We are a destination venue for local and national performers alike that are seeking an intimate setting that is artist friendly in both its hospitality and technical specifications. We are dedicated to presenting compelling programming that will stick with you well after you’ve left the building.

The Stage Is Yours.



Tickets can be purchased on this website or through our Tikly at https://app.tikly.co/xbk

xBk is an all ages venue, HOWEVER you will need to present an ID to the door person if you wish to purchase and consume any alcoholic beverages.

xBk is a safe place for people of all ages and backgrounds.  All drugs, firearms, knives, and/or other weapons are prohibited inside.  Any individuals  communicating hate speech, inciting violence, or participating in any activities which do not conform to the inclusive, diverse, and tolerant mission of xBk will be removed from the premises.

xBk does not serve food, however we’d encourage you to visit our neighbors, Papa Keno’s Pizzeria, Fernando’s Mexican Grill, Chicago Dog, Gazali’s Mediterranean, and all the rest of the great businesses throughout Dogtown and the Drake Neighborhood.

xBk offers a premium selection of liquors by the pour, wine and beer on tap, as well as domestic canned beers for those less adventurous palettes.

Our General Admission section meets ADA requirements, and we have ADA accessible restrooms.  Our mezzanine, however, is only accessible by stairs.  If you require certain accommodations, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re here to provide you with the best possible live entertainment experience.

Re-entry is permitted with a handstamp.

Both off-street and on-street parking are available as well as bike racks.  Space is limited, however, so please consider walking or carpooling.

All photography must be approved by the performers prior to the show.  If a performer has requested a limitation on photography, the limitation will be addressed and posted in both the info for the show itself, as well as at the venue on the day of the event.  Absolutely no videotaping is allowed without the express written consent of both the performers and management at xBk.

In the event an individual chooses to ignore these rules, they will receive one and only one warning, after which they will be asked to leave without a refund.

Yes, please contact management if you’ve lost something at xBk.

All open tabs left at the bar after closing will be charged to the credit/debit card on file along with an 20% gratuity.

Yes.  xBk is available for a variety of rental needs. As a 250 capacity room, we provide state of the art tech, kind and responsive staff, and flexibility to meet your needs. If you’re interested in renting xBk, please contact info@xbklive.com.

Absolutely!  Here at xBk we’re dedicated to bringing Des Moines the absolute highest quality of local, regional, national, and international acts.  You can bring a full bill to us for booking or we can assist you in building a bill.  Ticket prices and show times are determined by night of the week and expected draw, we prefer to keep all shows to three separate acts or fewer.  Our one request to our performers is to make this space your own, make your show unique so that it stands out from the crowd- xBk is no ordinary rock club, take advantage of it and get weird!

In order to be considered for a performance slot at xBk, please send an e-mail entitled “Booking Inquiry [BAND NAME] (DATE)” to booking@xbklive.com no less than eight weeks prior to your anticipated show date, with the following items and one of our talent buyers will reach out to confirm the show, if the date is available:

-EPK including contact information, social media links, website, bio, endorsements/sponsorships, statistical information of fans/followers;

-Artwork and promo images;

-A tour calendar or schedule;

-Previous regional show attendance and anticipated attendance;

-Unique live show concept (if applicable)

-Links to two recorded tracks; and

-A live performance sample

Please note that we are a small operation and we may not be able to respond to every inquiry, your best chance at hearing from us is to reach out early.

Tech Specs

L’Acoustic ARCS System

  • (2) ARCS Wide
  • (2) ARCS Narrow
  • (4) SB18m Subwoofer
  • (3) Tannoy AMS 6DS
  • (1) Lab Gruppen Lucia 240/2 Amp Cables
  • (4) L Acoustics X8
  • (1) LA4X Amps
  • Midas Pro2c w/ DL251 Stagebox
  • Edirol V8 Video Mixer
  • High End Systems Hoglet 4 Lighting Console

(3) AIDA UHD6G-X12L camera (4K,1080p and 720p at 30fps)

Blackmagic DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder

Big Room AI video switching and subject detection technology (controllable inside OBS)

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